Patrol Division

Patrol division consists of uniformed officers who’s duties consist of responding to calls for service and performing preventive patrol for the town of Rutherfordton NC. These officers patrol the streets and businesses looking for criminal activity and traffic violations. They investigate traffic collisions, mediate disputes, make arrests and provide general police services. They work with citizens and business owners to make the town a safer place for all.

Patrol contact - Lt. Holland


The Investigation division works closely with the Patrol Division and is responsible for conducting follow up investigations to solve crimes. Investigators generally handle major crimes such as assaults, burglaries, larcenies, robberies, financial crimes and frauds. This division often works with other city, state and federal agencies to investigate crimes and gather criminal intelligence data.

Investigations contact - Lt. Gilbert


Special Projects

Special Projects officers are responsible for working with both the Patrol Division and Investigation Division. They focus on tasks that cant be immediately handled by the Patrol and assist Investigations on major crimes.

Special Projects contact - Master Sgt. Euten

Records Clerk

The Records Clerk handles administrative duties that allow the police department to function effectively an in an organized fashion. They enter reports, organize and file records and answer phone calls to the station.

Records clerk contact - Chastin Jackson

Police Contacts

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