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How can I obtain a burning permit?

If you are burning outside of the Town limits a burning permit from the NC Forest Service is required. These permits can be obtained from the North Carolina Forest Service website.  These permits are free, sent to you via email and are good for thirty days.  If you are burning it is also suggested that you … Continued

What is the current ISO rating?

The Rutherfordton Fire and Rescue Department has a current ISO rating for insurance classifications of a 4/9E. All properties inside the city limits of Rutherfordton, Ruth, and properties within 5 road miles of the fire stations have an ISO Class 4 Classification. All properties within 6 road miles have a 9E classification.

How do I get a car seat installed?

Rutherfordton Fire & Rescue has certified technicians that are available to properly educate and assist you in installing car seats in the safest manner. If you or anyone you know needs assistance in car seat installations, we will assist by appointment only. You can call the station at (828) 287-7367 x4 to schedule an appointment.

Is there a fence ordinance in the Town of Rutherfordton?

In a residential, mixed use, or commercial district, a fence or wall in the established front, side, or rear yard shall be a maximum of six feet in height. We do recommend building all fences or walls 5 feet from property lines.  For a full description of the fence ordinance please see Article 2, section … Continued

Do you offer smoke detectors?

If you are a resident in the Rutherfordton Fire & Rescue’s fire district we do offer free smoke detectors.  These can be picked up at our station or installed by request.  Contact the fire station at 828-287-7367 X4 if you are in need of smoke detectors. “Working smoke detectors save lives”

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