Comprehensive Land Use Plan

A comprehensive land use plan is an aspirational policy guide for how Rutherfordton should manage land use change over the next twenty years.  It contains a vision statement, guiding principles, a future land use map, goals, action statements and a detailed implementation element that together provide a blueprint for citizens, developers, property owners, staff, boards and the Town Council.

About the Plan

  • The Town of Rutherfordton Comprehensive Land Use Plan was adopted by the Town Council on December 2, 2020
  • The comprehensive plan is not an ordinance or law, but development plans and rezoning decisions must be made with consideration of the plan.
  • The plan calls for protecting the existing neighborhoods in Rutherfordton and directing commercial growth in managed catylst areas.
  • The plan encourages economic opportunities, while at the same time maintaining the character and resources essential to Rutherfordton's place in a vibrant, growing community.

Approved Plan

Comprehensive Land Use Plan- Town Plan 2040

Future Land Use Maps

Future Growth Opportunities Map

Future Land Use Map


Rutherfordton Future Land Use Map
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