Annual Budget

Budget Fiscal Year

The Town of Rutherfordton budget year runs from July 1 through June 30 of the following year.


The Town budget consists of 3 different funds:

  • General Fund - This fund covers most Town operations, such as Fire, Parks and Recreation, Library, Police, Sanitation, and Community Development
  • Powell Bill Fund - This fund covers the maintenance of streets, sidewalks, and greenways.
  • Sewer Fund - This fund covers the operation and maintenance of the Towns sewer infrastructure and wastewater treatment plant.
Budget Process

Through the Town's annual budget process, the Town Council makes decisions on the level and types of services provided to residents with local, state, and federal funds.

The adoption of a budget determines in many respects the level of resources to be available for Town services over the coming budget year. The budget process is one of the most important functions and responsibilities of the Council, and it is also a key opportunity for residents’ participation in your local government.

The Town's 2040 Comprehensive Plan will help guide the development of this and future budgets. Each Janauary the Town Counicl adopts a Budget calendar which will be published on this page

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