NC Cardinal

About NC Cardinal

NC Cardinal was conceived in 2009 and formed in 2010 “to make the combined resources of North Carolina’s public libraries available to all people of the state through a shared catalog and a statewide library card.” In the ten years of its existence, NC Cardinal has broadened its focus to include resource sharing, cost savings, and collaborative collection development for half of the public libraries in North Carolina.

There are 41 library systems with a total of 188 branches that are members of the NC Cardinal Consortium. That number continues to grow as more libraries join NC Cardinal.

How NC Cardinal benefits you

With registering to be a part of the Norris community, you will have access to the entire collection of the Foothills and NC Cardinal Consortiums. This means that you will have access to over 7.2 million books, audiobooks, and more.

Resource sharing among the NC Cardinal member libraries allows you to request items be sent to your local library for you to pickup. You also may use your library card to check out books at other NC Cardinal libraries and then return them to your local library.

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