Leaf & Yard Waste Pickup

Leaf Collection

During the period of November 1 and March 31st, the Town will vacuum leaves raked to the curb, as time allows. The leaves should be free of rocks and sticks, which will damage the vacuum machine. Please do not place these leaves close to mailboxes, signs, or power poles.

Yard Waste Collection

The Town provides a curbside collection of yard debris, including brush, tree trimmings and larger tree limbs. All material needs to be cut into 5ft lengths, or about the amount that would fit into the back of a truck bed, and placed at the curb away from any obstructions or powerlines for removal. The limbs should be neatly stacked at the street for collection. The policy allows for one large load per month without charge. Large piles and frequent piles will require an extra $90 charge per pickup. The Town will not collect limbs and branches that have been cut by a professional tree service. The contractors are responsible for their work.

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