Norris Library Centennial 50/50 Raffle

Posted on May 5, 2021

Buy tickets to help raise money for the library and for your chance to win!

Join us for an opportunity to help us raise money for the Norris Public Library. The more you share this 50/50 lottery, the more we raise. The more we raise, the more you can win, so, SHARE SHARE SHARE!

Help us uphold our commitment to keep Norris Public Library a welcoming, inclusive place where individuals can access information, further their education, or simply take their mind on a wonderful journey.

Entries may be purchased at!

Your donation helps fund projects like:

  • Reclaiming and revitalizing library space for community use. From our Reading Room to our Technology area, we’ve spent the past several months reworking our space to make it bright, functional and welcoming. From improved seating and shelving to fresh paint, we strive to invest your donations wisely and keep our beautiful, historic building looking its best for the community.
  • Developing a permanent StoryWalk at Kiwanis Park, in partnership with Rutherford County Library and the Town of Rutherfordton, to promote both early literacy and physical fitness. Your donations help fund books and materials for storyboards, meaning stories can be changed more frequently.
  • Increasing and diversifying our offerings for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education. Norris Public Library is a proud partner of KidSenses Children’s Museum, and was recently awarded a Facebook Community Action Grant to develop collections of STEM kits, tablets, and high-quality nonfiction literature for kids. Your donations help fund outreach initiatives, helping us get these engaging educational materials into the hands of local kids.

Norris Public Library relies on the support of the community we are proud to serve. We look forward to our next 100 years of service and finding new ways to engage our community. Your contributions help keep us going!

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