Citizen’s Academy

'19 Citizen's academy

Interested in learning how your Town Government operates and functions or see where your tax money goes? Sign up for our Citizen's Academy class to learn from each of our town's departments!

Randee Sherrod addressing '20 citizens academy class
"The biggest takeaway I got from participating in Rutherfordton Citizens Academy was the sense of community. In our class, we had people from all walks of life. Some of us were graduating college, while some others were retired. We had new residents in our class, who had moved in merely months before the class began - and we had lifelong citizens who already seemed to know everyone". -Randee Sherrod '19




Session 1          Introduction to Town Hall'20 Citizens Academy Police Session

Session 2         Rutherfordton Police Department

Session 3         Public Works Department

Session 4         Rutherford Town Revitalization

Session 5         Norris Public Library

Session 6         Rutherfordton Fire & Rescue

Session 7         Bringing it All Together

Graduation: Town Council Meeting

'20 Citizens academy at public works

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