How do I place a hold on a book or other item?

When you find an item you wish to check out, you can place a hold by logging into your account on the NC Cardianl Website with your library card number and pin. The exception to this would be for new books. You may also call the library at 828-287-3520 to request the item be held for you. If it is available, it will pulled off the shelf and placed at the circulation desk for you to pick up. If the item you have requested is checked out, a hold can be placed on the title. When it arrives for you to pick up, you will receive an email to let you know it is available if you opted to provide your email address. You may also opt to be notified by text message or email.

You may also request an item be sent to Norris Public Library from any of the libraries in the Foothills Consortium or NC Cardinal System. The same is true for requesting items owned by Norris Library to be sent to one of the other Foothills Consortium Libraries or NC Cardinal System. The exceptions to this would be new books and reference materials. You may do this by simply following the same steps that you would for placing a hold. You would need to mark the library you would like the item to be sent.

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