New Recreation Opportunities Coming to Rutherfordton Through Independent Contract Instructor Handbook

Posted on August 15, 2022

The Town of Rutherfordton is proud to announce new possibilities for recreation for our citizens through the Independent Contract Instructor Handbook! This new opportunity opens up our facilities and reservation software beyond just facility reservations- we are adding instructor-led classes! We hope to maintain a robust offering of activities, services, and resources that fosters a greater sense of inclusive community and positive experiences around Town.

The Town of Rutherfordton will utilize Independent Contact Instructors to provide recreational services to our community. Programs may be designed for all age groups and ability levels, and we are always open to new and creative ideas. Our goal is to offer a variety of classes, camps, workshops, and
programs, throughout the year at various facilities. Programs are offered in quarterly sessions (winter, spring, summer, & fall) with varying dates and times based on the current activity schedule and availability.

Prospective instructors may submit a Contract Class Proposal Form to the Town in person at Town Hall or via email to The Town of Rutherfordton does not guarantee that every contract will be accepted. In the proposal, please include a course outline, information about the organization/yourself, sample materials (if applicable) and at least two professional references.

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