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As interest in western North Carolina grows, the Town of Rutherfordton seeks to reinforce the identity of the region and preserve its historical, cultural, and natural assets. In February 2006, a Town-wide visioning meeting was conducted to outline the goals for Rutherfordton. The participants of the meeting produced a list of items that indicated an overwhleming support for the following issues:

  1. Establish a sense of place, safety, affordability, and environmental responsibility.
  2. Creating sidewalks and trails that connect neighborhoods and public spaces.
  3. Encourage a creative, artistic downtown that encompasses extensive shopping and dining options.
  4. Preserving the significant history and heritage that is unique to the area.

The resulting “Master Plan” outlines the projects, plans, and priorities to achieve these goals in the Town of Rutherfordton, particularlly in the Main Street area.  In addition, a second plan was created to help preserve and solidify the history of the area.  Plans include a museum to showcase art, display collections of the Genealogical Society of Old Tryon County and the Rutherford County Historical Society, and exhibit historic relics from Rutherford County.  The plans create a comprehensive report to organize future development, resurrect cultural resources, and promote the area’s history.

To view the entire report, click here. (10MB pdf)

To view the maps and plans:

bullet Study Area Map (276KB)
bullet Existing Land Use (270KB pdf)
bullet Townwide LU Concept (393KB pdf)
bullet Proposed LU Map (276KB pdf)
bullet Master Plan (471KB pdf)
bullet Heritage Trail Network (194KB pdf)
bullet Road Typology (274KB pdf)
bullet Parking Assignment (215KB pdf)
bullet Town Green Concept (303KB pdf)
bullet Bechtler Area Map (1.84MB pdf)
bullet Bechtler Museum Plan (482KB pdf)
bullet Bechtler Mint Site (272KB pdf)
bullet Bechtler Mint Site Detail (501KB pdf)