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The Historic Preservation Commission was established by the Rutherfordton Town Council to regulate historic landmarks and historic districts with the town limits pursuant to NCGS Chapter 160A, Article 19, Part 3C. The powers of the Commission are as set forth in NCGS 160A-400.8.

In January 2009, Town Council, on the recommendation of the Historic Preservation Commission passed an overlay ordinance establishing the Downtown Historic District, under the provisions of NCGS 160-400.4. (For boundaries of the district see Historic District Map)

The purpose of the historic district is to protect the historical assets of the Town. Dating back to 1787, the Town of Rutherfordton is rich in history. Many of our Town's buildings and homes dated back to the nineteenth century and early twentieth century.

To help protect these historical treasures, a Certificate of Appropriateness shall be obtained by the property owner within the district before any changes are made to the exterior of the property. The Historic Preservation Commission will review all application for Certificate of Appropriateness. To view the Certificate of Appropriateness Application, click here for the document in Word (.doc) format. To view the application in a pdf format, click here

As provided by NCGS 160A-400.9, designated landmarks or properties within the historic district, no exterior portion of any building or other structure (including masonry walls, fences, light fixtures, steps and pavement, or other appurtenant features), nor any above-ground utility structure, nor any type of outdoor advertising sign, shall be erected, altered, restored, moved, or demolished on such landmark or properties within the historic district until after an application for a certificate of appropriateness as to exterior features has been submitted to and approved by the Commission. Such a certificate is required to be issued by the Commission prior to the issuance of a building permit or other permit granted for the purposes of constructing, altering, moving, or demolishing structures, which certificate may be issued subject to reasonable conditions necessary to carry out the purposes of this ordinance. A certificate of appropriateness shall be required whether or not a building or other permit is required.

For information on the Downtown Historic District, Historic Preservation Commission, or Certificate of Appropriateness, contact the Finance Director at 828-287-3520.

Public Meeting Time

The Historic Preservation Commission's regular scheduled meeting is the first Tuesday of each month at 5:30pm in the Council Room at Town Hall.

Historical Preservation Commission Links:

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