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The Town of Rutherfordton launched Recycle Coach™, a mobile and web app that contains trash and recycling schedules tailored to individual addresses. On the free mobile app, residents can view/export schedules and set up automatic reminders right on their smartphones. 

The web app has also been added to the city’s main Facebook page.

The Recycle Coach™ app is free to download and it is available from the App Store and Google Play.

It’s important to note that the Town’s collection schedules are not changing, nor can residents schedule a time for trash and recycling collection. The Recycle Coach™ app is designed to make it easier for residents to remember when to place trash and recycling on the curb for pickup.

Why Recycle?
Click here to view the reasons why recycling is important.

Recycling Quick Facts

What's Recyclable?
Click here for a quick reference guide to what's recyclable and what's not.

Calling All Kids - Join Team Recycle!
Kids you can help us be recycling superheros!  We are partnering with some of the local schools to educate kids about the importance of recycling.  You can be a part of this project too.  To get involved at home download one of our recycling challenge flyers below and let us know how your project turned out by posting pics on the MyRutherfordton Facebook page using hashtag #teamrecycle.

Team Recycle Super Hero Challenge flyer

Team Recycle Reuse Project Challenge flyer

Check out our new Talkin' Trash recycling video. It sends a pretty powerful message about how much difference recycling can make.  Help us keep our town beautiful and preserve our future!