Fire Safety & Prevention

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Fire Safety & Prevention

The Rutherfordton Fire Department Deputy Chief Craig is the main contact for fire safety and fire education programs. Deputy Chief Wendy Craig is responsible for the implementation of progressive fire inspections of industrial and commercial facilities and the implementation of the department's outreach for fire prevention programs. She is also responsible for plans checking, permit approvals, and new construction inspections.

Safety and Public Education

The Department provides a variety of safety and public education programs. Visits to the fire station are a popular activity for children. Visits may be arranged by telephone, 828-287-3520 and talking with the on-duty Fire Captain or scheduling a visit with Deputy Chief Wendy Craig at

Department personnel visit classrooms at local schools with a fire prevention message each October during National Fire Prevention Week.

You will often find firefighters at Rutherfordton events, Festivals, the Rutherfordton Christmas parade RS Central Football Games, &  to name a few.

Smoke Detectors

 The fire department will offer assistance with placement of detectors in the home, please call the fire department at 828-287-3520.

At Home Fire Prevention Ideas

Sparky School House – Fun Lessons & Games to Teach Kids about Fire Safety

General Fire Safety Tips:

  1. Plan Ahead- People who have planned in advance what to do in a fire emergency are most likely to survive.
  2. Cook with care- Unattended equipment in the kitchen is the leading cause of ignition in kitchen fires.  NEVER walk away from the stove while cooking and always double check that all oven and stove dials have been turned off when finished.  Keep a fire extinguisher within easy reach of the kitchen and remember, never use water on a grease fire.  Instead, smother the flames with the pan’s lid or baking soda.
  3. Fire place Safety- never place hot ashes from your fire place into a plastic bag or container.  Ashes can stay hot for days.  Always place hot ashes in metal cans with metal lids.
  4. Smoke Alarms Save Lives-Homes without smoke alarms account for approximately 2/3 of home fire deaths.  It is important to install and maintain smoke alarms on every level of your home and in all sleeping areas.  Never remove batteries and remember to test your smoke alarms once a month!
  5. Exit Drill Planning- A well-planned and frequently rehearsed escape plan is absolutely vital to the safety of all household members.  Draw a floor plan showing at least two ways out of each room.  Practice your escape plan with all family members at least twice a year.
  6. Know your meeting place- Have a meeting place for the entire family away from danger.  Make sure all family members know where the meeting place is and to go there so all can be accounted for.  Remember, never re-enter a burning building!  Get Out and Stay Out!